• Turkey

    Our service includes the Turkey slaughter, process, and packaging for human consumption.


    We are USDA-certified and federally inspected.

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    Feed must be withdrawn from all poultry to be processed. However, allow your poultry access to water until you catch them for transport.


    Pastured poultry must be removed from pasture no less than 24 hours before slaughter. Remove access to feed between 18-24 hours before slaughter.


    We recommend that you catch your birds after dark, which minimizes the stress caused during capture.





    Stacyville Poultry Processing expects all poultry to be transported in a clean, humane manner, preferably inside their crates. We also allow the use of livestock trailers but will require you to help unload the birds into crates.


    If additional containers are necessary, please let us know in advance so that we can have them available to you.


    Please do not overcrowd creates or trailers; make sure your birds have adequate ventilation and protection from wind exposure.


    Heat stress and crowding can kill poultry during transit!





    Strict window of 6-6:30am drop off arrival time.

    When you arrive at 415 Industrial Drive Stacyville IA:

    Drive to the back and look for the loading dock

    Door will be open and staff waiting to help unload.

    If you bring your own cages, you may return in the afternoon to pick up.

    We can keep your cages out back overnight/til pick up, but we are not liable for any lost or damaged items.

    After unloading, come around to the front office and complete your order form with office staff.



    Please arrive at the front office promptly around 3pm-3:30pm on your scheduled pick up date to review your order and total amount.

    Please bring your check payment as it is due before receival of processed birds.


    After you receive your receipt you may go back to loading dock and staff can help load.


    Freezing conditions- 1 week max holding time if requested.


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